Gateway Counselling and Therapy Leicester - Safe Professional Counselling and Therapy in Leicester
Gateway Counselling Leicester provides:

  • Professional help and support that will help you not just with your current problems but give you useful tools for life

  • Counselling where you and your needs are at the heart of the therapeutic relationship

  • A safe space for you to tell your story, feel listened to (maybe for the first time in your life) and find practical life long solutions for your journey

  • A combination of listening, teaching and counselling that will make the most of the time we spend together according to your own specific needs

struggling anxiety help stress depressionDo you feel stuck?

Are you struggling with some changes in your life?

Have you had bad experiences in the past which are still affecting you now?

Life Can Be Difficult. Let Us Help.

I understand that life can become overwhelming and stressful. And we can find many situations overwhelming. 

At Gateway Counselling and Therapy Leicester, we are here to listen and to start you on the path to good mental health.

Through questioning, discussion, proven technique's and models, we will work together to assess your issue and work to resolve it. 

The road to good mental health takes dedication, hard work, education and change. Gateway Counselling Leicester will help you experience success in dealing with such issues as Depression, Anxiety, Stress and a whole range of other issues. 

Therapy is a two way street and were here to work together.
Call 07981 439278 or 0116 2120807, 
or contact me at for an appointment.

Transactional Analysis Counselling sounds complicated, but is a way of providing a safe environment, space to talk and simple easy to understand tools that help us to understand: 

  • why we are the way we are
  • why we can often repeat the same destructive patterns over and over again
  • how and why we struggle with certain things

But more importantly:

  • How we can change those patterns 
  • Free ourselves from the things that are holding us back
  • Be the person we want to be
  • Live a happy and fulfilled life with positive relationships

However (there is always a 'but'):

Counselling and therapy is a joint effort. 
The Counsellor (me) will support, listen, provide tools and encouragement through your journey.
The Client (you) will need to reflect, do (helpful) homework between sessions, and decide how and what you want to change.

Because, let's face it .... the only person who really has the power to change your life ... is YOU.
(With support).

40 years of childhood
Garry Rollins Gateway Counselling Therapy Leicester
Individual Sessions £40 per hour
Introductory Session Half Price
Evening Session (after 6pm) £50 per hour
Couples Therapy £50 per hour
Discounts available

Gateway Counselling is based in Leicester 
(see Contact Me Here page for details).

My name is Garry Rollins. I have been working in the care field and with Social services and Health Authorities through the past twenty five years. 

I have a UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Practice and a Diploma In Transactional Analysis Counselling from The Berne Institute following a five year training course in Transactional Analysis Counselling and Pschotherapy.

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If you want any help or support, you can contact me via the Big Red Button, leave a message below, ask for a brochure giving much more detail or make an appointment to begin counselling.

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