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Stress and Depression affects 1 in 3 people now in the UK at some point in their lives

You do not have to struggle and cope on your own anymore.

Gateway Counselling Leicester can help you to :

  • Understand more about where your stress or depression is coming from

  • Have a safe and professional place to talk in confidence about your problems

  • Find ways of coping with the stress or depression on a day to day basis

  • Explore the issues that have contributes to making you feel the way you feel

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Managing Stress And Depression: Some Basic Guidelines ...

cup-saucer-coffee-and-coffee-beansAvoid Excessive Amounts of Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine 
These are all stimulants, so they will not help you to calm down. If you are stressed try to avoid them until you are calmer. Drink lots of water instead.   

Exercise to beat depression therapy counselling Leicester
Work Off Stress With Physical Activity 
Pressure or anger releases adrenaline into your body which makes you tense and ready to fight. Exercise reduces this and also releases endorphins which help make you feel good. Go for a good walk or exercise regularly after work to feel great.   

Relax and enjoy therapy counselling LeicesterRelax.
Find ways to relax. Don’t wait for a break, it may not happen. Plan breaks. Find space. Say positive things to yourself. Do what suits you. Find ways of getting your own needs met, or simply just relax.

sleep therapy counselling Leicester depression anxietyGet Enough Sleep
A good eight hours natural sleep isn’t optional, it’s essential. Avoid sleeping pills, caffeine, excessive alcohol. Go to bed early and sleep naturally. See how much better you feel after only a few days. 

rest and look after yourself depression anxietyIf you are tired or ill, then rest.
Resist the urge to carry on regardless. Work will prolong the illness and tire the body, making things worse. Recognise your limits and rest. Find a calm, quiet place to rest, with no interruptions. Learn Mindfulness. Breathe slowly.

Don't forget to smile depression anxietyAgree with someone, and smile more.
For some, life is a constant battleground. It doesn't actually hurt to not win every discussion, to praise where praise is due, to keep quiet occasionally and let someone else disagree. We have nothing to prove (and yet we spend so much time proving it). 

acceptance-road-signLearn to accept what you cannot change.
We can often avoid self-imposed misery, unhappiness and bitterness by choosing our battles wisely and learning to either accept what we cannot change or walking away. Most work places will complain about things they cannot change. It saps the energy to do more constructive things. 

Pain and discomfort depression anxietyListen to your body.
When you feel tired, hungry, thirsty, ill, restless, do something about it. Learn to recognise also when you become angry or stressed and take action before things get out of control. Know yourself. 

Saying-No abuse hurt trauma pain relationshipLearn when and how to say No.
Don’t feel guilty. It is OK to say No. Keep it simple. Don’t make excuses for doing what you want instead of what someone else wants. Refuse to be overloaded by other people. 

images (1) therapy counselling LeicesterManage Your Time.
Take one thing at a time. Take your time. Build in breaks. Write things down. Do things when they need to be done. Get others to take some responsibility. Don’t let work dominate everything else.

And of Course:

ept-couple relationship love hurt painTherapy.
If all of the above solves your problem, then that really is fantastic. Enjoy the richness of your life. But sometimes, the roots go deeper, and our needs and solutions go deeper still. Needing therapy is not a sign of weakness, but of often having been too strong for too long. 

The roots of Depression nearly always go much deeper than people think. Gateway Counselling is a safe and professional place where we can explore those roots and you can feel listened to and not judged or labelled. You do not have to continue as you are. 

Press the Big Red Button (above) and Use the Contact Me Here page to make contact and take a positive step to dealing with your depression once and for all.

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