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Special Offer Gateway Therapy Leicester

accepting new clients

Spring and Summer Special :

All new clients in June - August : 
£30 per session up to end of August for new clients
Save £10 per session for up to three months

Need therapy and support but struggling to find the money? Call Now to discuss options and discounts.

And don't forget, whenever you choose to begin therapy, your first session is free of charge.

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New Life Skills Coaching Sessions
10 Sessions : £40 per session to change your life

1. Induction, discussion and Goal Setting
2. Life Story : Decisions we make and how to remake them
3. Ego States : who we are and how we relate to others
4. Script Matrix : Understanding our past to change our future
5. Script System : How we get stuck and how to stop
6. Games and Drama Triangles : Choosing Authenticity over Drama
7. Strokes and Relational Needs : How we can get our needs met
8. Passivity and Discounting : How we avoid problem solving
9. Open session, Review, Questions, Discussion
10. Authenticity and living the positive life you want

New for 2017 : Personal Practical Mindfulness 1-1
Ten Sessions (1 hour per session) : £30 per session

1. Introduction to Mindfulness.  Grounding and Breathing.
2. Mindfulness and Anxiety : Practical Coping Strategies
3. Mindfulness and Stress : Body Scanning and Muscle Tension
4. Mindfulness and Depression : Observing our thoughts
5. Mindfulness and Practical Daily Activities
6. Mindfulness, Stillness and Self Compassion
7. Mindfulness, Music and Visualisation
8. Mindfulness and Dealing with Physical or Emotional Pain
9. Mindfulness and Our Emotions
10. Mindfulness and The Five Core Values

Couples are welcome and pay only £20 each per session

Group bookings for workplaces available on request 
(£10 per person per hour, minimum of ten people)

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